Kitchen Shelves

There are a few reasons why we have not done any finish work on the interior of the cabin yet. We ran out of money, we couldn’t get building supplies to the cabin over the winter, we were tired of working, and we didn’t really mind how the interior was …

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Walking in the Dark

When we first were living on the property, I was terrified to walk around at night by myself. None of the eerie sounds were familiar and the un lit pathways were foreign. There is nothing mildly comforting about walking around out in the dark woods when you don’t know what …


Choosing a New Home Site

There is a path that will take you from the road on one end of the lot to the road on the other end of the lot. The logger had cleared this path to carry the trees out of the woods, and left quite a bit of tree scraps along …


Junk Collecting

Junk collecting is a hobby that everyone seems to look down on. It is also a trait that runs rampant in my family. I have first hand experience with hoarding, and this is not at all what I am talking about in this post. There is a fine line between …

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Off Grid Utilities

Chopping Firewood

Chop, chop, chop. All winter long. Chop, chop chop. Not that I personally chopped a single piece of wood, but it seems like we spent the entire winter chopping firewood. I know that we were only unprepared because we were busy building a house, but it was really annoying to …


Garden Planting

The plans that had been made for this year’s gardens have changed quite a bit. I trudged around last fall picking up old, heavy logs, broken branches and leaves and made enough hugelkultur beds to feed the whole town. I may have been a little too ambitious (as always) and …

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Just Chat and Pictures

Bucket List: Write a Book

One of the projects I usually do over the winter is to scan my bucket list for this years challenges. There are plenty of experiences on the list that I plan on having at some point in my life, but some are best suited for this particular year and I …


Off Grid Date Night

Living off grid, way out in the woods, there aren’t many people around to babysit. Especially since we are fairly new to the area. We rarely are alone without children, there is never quiet around our house. It is not like we are suffering by not being able to get …