homestead houligan: one who seeks to attain near self sufficiency through creative and sustainable use of the resources readily available to them.

Hello and welcome to Homestead Houligan!  This blog is all about the adventures we have building our homestead in a temperate forest.  I share these projects with you not only to share the knowledge I have attained, but also in the hopes of inspiring you, the readers, to work towards your own goals and dreams.  If we can do it, so can you.

I’m Sarah, a 30 something mother of two.  My family and I moved out to the woods a few years ago to build an amazing life, far away from the noise and stresses that come with living in town.  Our first summer, we spent the entire summer running around like crazy people, furiously trying to get our tiny house built in time to move in before winter.  We lived in a wall tent almost until Halloween.  Now, into our eighth winter, we are getting ready to get some finances in order.

The Houligan Homestead is completely off grid, out in the woods where the internet changes as the wind blows.  I don’t have the ability to have amazing retouched pictures or high quality videos because technology is difficult for us right now.  I do the best I can to get quality posts out, to the very best of my ability.

I am also proud to say that I am certified in Permaculture Design. The knowledge I gained through learning about permaculture has been priceless through this endeavor.

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