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Permaculture is a great system.  The solutions it has come up with are fantastic.   However, I feel like I am restricting myself by labeling my homestead as “permaculture.”  I use many permaculture concepts, but also plenty of things that are not permaculture.   So I am changing the name of the blog.   Nothing too exciting because we haven’t really named the homestead yet.  Some day we will come up with a name for it.

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Hi there, I have been visiting and reading about many permaculture sites, and they are all so different. Urban being very different to rural, and of course climate differences. I’ve also noticed that few are ‘pure permaculture’, e.g. many don’t fairly share their surplus but out of necessity, profit from it when they can. We’re far from doing things only the permaculture way – but it’s work in progress, and we’ve still yet to find our plot. I can understand the desire to not restrict the homestead with a label.
Have you come up with a name yet?

We are still working on the name. Our permanent home will look like a hobbit house so I like The Shire as a name. We can’t use that since it’s taken and not unique, but if I could incorporate it some how…


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Just Chat and Pictures
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Just Chat and Pictures
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