Adventure Academy

Aspiring Adventurers explore the wild jungle as they learn a simplified version of OpenD6.  Build your character while reading the story and learning how to use attributes to perform actions.  Build rafts, dodge carnivorous plants, chase monkeys, climb trees all while searching for the adults kidnapped by Inferno the Angry Dragon.

Adventure Academy Part 1: Wild Jungle Adventure- PDF Free

Adventure Academy Part 2: Haunted Ruins Adventure- PDF $1.25

FirstFable– This is not a game that I created, but I did create the Adventure listed below.  This is a game that I downloaded, for free here.  You will need to download these rules to play the Adventure listed below.  The creator of the game encourages others to create and share supplements for this game and share them for free, so I did.

My Adventure: Little People

Take your characters on an Adventure in the forest, through the eyes of a bug. A bug? Yes, a silly Leprechaun has shrunk the characters to bug size, and now they must find Clues to solve a riddle for the Leprechaun in order to get back to normal size. Along the way, they face Challenges, complete Tasks, and find Special Things.

Click here for your free PDF of FirstFable: Little People

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