RolePlaying Games for Homeschooling

The last post I did, Game Time, is something that has consumed quite a bit of indoor time since the post was done.  At the time, we had just began to explore the possibilities of entertaining ourselves and the kids on the inclimate weather days. I did a little bit …


Free Resources to Teach Kids About Plants

We do our best to spend as much time as possible outside, especially after a long, cold winter.  However, on the really rainy days, you may just need something to do with the kids inside.  The links I listed below are full of plant worksheets and activities for the little …


Kids Gardening

My homestead is also the homestead of my two small children.  I think it is extremely important that they both learn gardening along with many other skills as young as possible.  I am having to learn all about permaculture and homesteading as I go which makes it harder to learn. …