Aspiring Adventurers explore the wild jungle as they learn a simplified version of OpenD6.  Build your character while reading the story and learning how to use attributes to perform actions.  Build rafts, dodge carnivorous plants, chase monkeys, climb trees all while searching for the adults kidnapped by Inferno the Angry Dragon.


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My family started out with gaming as a way to keep busy while having to be stuck indoors, with no TV.  Games that would help learning, without being boring, would be perfect to entertain the children.  One of the many gaming creations I chose to start trying out was story line adventure games. This could get the kids to practice reading, counting and basic math while playing a game that turns them into an adventurer in a fantasy world.

The story line, or choose your own adventure, part of the story is set up so that kids can read along and then choose how the adventure goes, without help from adults or other kids to play with.  You read a section and then it gives you options where to go next, then the kids get to pick.  This allows them to help create their own adventure.

The game aspect of these stories are rules borrowed from the OpenD6 RolePlaying game system.  This allows kids to attempt different actions by rolling six sided dice based on different skills their character has.  This game system is a more complex gaming system, but I have broken the rules down, simplified them, and separated them into different sections for Adventure Academy.  Part 1 is the very basic rules you would need to play the story line adventure game that comes with it or have an adult act as Game Master to play with multiple kids (explained below).  Each part would add complexity to the game.

Part 1: Basic character, attributes, game play, and Body Points

Storyline adventure

Part 2:Advanced character, skills, funds and equipment.

You can purchase for $1.25 through this link.

Storyline adventure with charts

Part 3: (tentatively) Combat, Special Points, and maps

Some storyline with charts and maps

(for now…still deciding what will be next)

The combination of the storyline with the RolePlaying game allows kids to sometimes choose the next part of the adventure and sometimes they have to perform an action, like jump across a hole, through rolling dice to get to the next part.  Sometimes you don’t make it across the hole and you get hurt or lost.  Sometimes you jump perfectly.  It makes the story more interactive and keeps the kids involved longer.

I have also included the outline of the storyline adventure that can be used as a campaign, if you are going to play with more than one kid and you act as the GameMaster.  This makes the game use even more imagination and creativity, and you can add or take away whatever you want to alter, or totally change, the game.  If you would like to play with the kids, but don’t even know what a GameMaster is, you will have to search the internet (RolePlaying games).  That is more than I can explain here, but still pretty easy to do with kids, who just love attention.

I like having these games for the kids because they are practicing basic skills in order to play the game.  They have to read, count, and do basic math.  They have to figure out problems and make decisions, as Adventurers, and hope they can save the day.  They have to pay attention to what is going on, what their character has, and interact with the game depending.  Don’t forget that it encourages imagination.  Not only are they reading and playing a game, but it is a RolePlaying game which encourages the kids to imagine what the character would do and how it would be done.  You aren’t just rolling a die and moving pieces around a board.

I am always open to suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

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