Bucket List: Write a Book

One of the projects I usually do over the winter is to scan my bucket list for this years challenges. There are plenty of experiences on the list that I plan on having at some point in my life, but some are best suited for this particular year and I just get to pick out what they will be.

An item that I have on this list, that everyone else has on their list, is to write a book. This would be a bazillion times easier to do if I waited until my very young children were older, but by then I may be old and gray and too forgetful to remember the story. I got straight to work.

Thoughts and ideas starting racing through my brain and I started filling pages on the computer screen. I knew I wasn’t a studied author, but my words needed some fluffing. I could imagine the story in my head and it would be a prize winning novel and then it would hit the paper and crash and burn.

Our Tiny House Library (most of our books are still packed)

To make a long story short, I am learning how to write. Any book titles, blogs or podcasts to help me out would be greatly appreciated! I know youtube is a fantastic tool, but that is really tough to work with off grid. So stay tuned…in a few years from now I may have a book being published!

Here are some other bucket list type posts I have done:

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