Off Grid Date Night


Living off grid, way out in the woods, there aren’t many people around to babysit. Especially since we are fairly new to the area. We rarely are alone without children, there is never quiet around our house. It is not like we are suffering by not being able to get away from the kids, but it is really nice when Gramma comes to town.

Gramma doesn’t really care for “camping” the way we are. She prefers to stay at the hotel in town, which works out well for us because we can take a long, hot shower whenever she visits. Again, we aren’t suffering by not being able to take these fancy showers, but we will get one while we can. Best of all, the kids spend the night at the hotel with Gramma. Date night!

So what to do with a night all to ourselves? Play board games, of course! We used to play a lot when we had a rather larger dining room table, but we haven’t quite got our new table built yet. There is no where to play except on the floor. It’s not so bad to play on the floor, but it is impossible to play on the floor with two small children and all the pieces and parts laid out. We bought an expansion for our favorite game around the holidays and just now got to play.


Anybody else love to play board games? Any suggestions of games we should try? We may even have a table in the next six months….

While having some time to walk around the property and talk without the crazy interruptions, we also got to scope out a site for our final home. We have both been looking for quite a while now, but had never had the chance to get together and talk about our perfect spot.




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Backgammon a timeless classic. We picked up a nice set at the Salvation Army. We also like Cribbage. But, when we play as a family, Uno is a favorite.


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