Mini Cordwood House Plans: The Layout


Here it is, my favorite part of planning a house, the floorplans!  I coudn’t get it all in one piece.  It hasn’t been sunny enough to charge my laptop that has the photo editing software on it.

Here is the quick breakdown:  We will be off grid completely.  Up is North.

The majority of the windows are on the bottom (South) side of the house to get in the most sunlight possible.  There is at least one door or window on each wall.

There is a second door between the couch and the cabinets that I noticed was missing after I did all the photo work.

The house is 14X46 with a shed roof, the taller side facing South.  The woodstove with be close to the middle of the North wall, closer to the kitchen/living area of the house.  The woodstove is our cooktop, so near the kitchen is best.

The kitchen and bathroom will drain grey water into a “leech” field behind the house.  The toilets will be composting toilets and have no water requirements.

The master bedroom and dining area will have stained glass bottle windows to add light to the house.  I also plan to run one of these bottle walls the length of the South wall, about 2 feet tall.  Again, let in the light!

There will also be shelving built in to the cordwood walls in many areas.  Just extend the cordwood pieces beyond the thickness of the wall where you would normally hang shelving brackets.  There is one full wall bookshelf that apparently needs to be 18′ long to keep the Man’s book habit in one place.  He’s a nerd.

We may eventually add a small woodstove to the master bedroom, just for fun.  There will be a passive, earth cooled air cooling sytem (a buried pipe).  There will be rainwater collection and some solar panels.  I think that’s about it.  Nothing too fancy.  Just under 650 sq ft.  Almost twice our house now!  I can’t wait!

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