Tiny House Interior Upgrade


Our tiny house was thrown together as we went along trying to build the homestead, and everything else, all at once. The house is functional, but it isn’t really finished. I’m ready for my house to look like a home, time for an interior upgrade!

I know that my last post talked about resetting the homestead and building addition over the summer, but on the days we can’t work outside, the interior will be getting improvements. It will be a second priority to work indoors in the summer, but there should be plenty of between time and rainy days.

Kids’ Rooms

The kids’ rooms have been separated since the last post, but we could do better. I plan to add more shelves for them like they said they needed. If we want them to keep their rooms clean, we have to give them places to put everything. Their current shelving separates the two rooms, but they need backing. Their doorways are near done, but don’t have actual doors. They also want to paint and decorate, of course.


There are shelves built throughout the house for all of our storage. The storage shed outside is close to built, so the shelves will be less cluttered, but they don’t look that nice and they fill with dust. There are no doors on any of the shelves, so everything is just there. There is no paint through most of the house, so the shelves are just ugly 2x4s. I won’t be doing anything to crazy for now, but I am adding doors and some paint.

Kitchen/Living Room

By the time the addition is built, the living room will be it’s own, separate room, and we will have space to spread out and get some real furniture. For now, I will be focusing on the kitchen area.

I started by decorating this back wall because it is about to get buried under shelving. The pictures are from seed catalogs, which I glued in place. It will need a clear coat before the shelves go up. The real project in the kitchen is cabinets, with doors, that actually look nice. Right now it is just cluttered shelving. With no color. It gets to be quite blah in here after a while.

Once the shed is done (almost), we can empty the area out and then we can get more real work done. For now, however, I can peck away at the fun part of the project. Enjoy the upgrade!

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