Small Greenhouse Build


While drinking my coffee one morning, I realized that my tiny house was overrun by seedlings! To top it off, they weren’t getting enough sun. I had no choice, really, but I didn’t have the funding for a greenhouse. I did some scrounging and found and old roll of plastic sheeting and I some 2x4s laying around. We even have a platform for an addition on the house that we won’t get to for a while. So let’s whip up a small greenhouse.

The Greenhouse Build

First, I screwed a couple short pieces of 2×4 together to make a right angle. This is to use as a jig along with some clamps.

I built the top and the bottom of the greenhouse in the same way. Four 2x4s screwed together. The jig and clamps just make it easier to get the frame square. (Check out the jig being clamped to the frame on the left)

The length of the greenhouse is the length of the platform I’m using, 8′. Width will the width of the plastic I found, 4′.

The uprights are 2′ tall and screwed to the top of the greenhouse. Once I had them fastened all the way around, I moved the whole frame off the platform. I then put the bottom part of the frame on the platform, flipped the top over and fit it into place over the bottom. The uprights fit into the bottom nicely. A couple of screws for the uprights and the frame is complete.

I stapled the plastic in place all around the edges, sealing the greenhouse as well as I can.

To top it off, I built the frame for the lid with 1x3s. Nothing fancy, but I need to be able to cover it with chicken wire to keep the critters out of my plants.

I did not staple the plastic to the lid, the chicken wire just holds up the plastic when I unroll it over the top. Boards hold it in place. I could have built a second lid to staple the plastic to, but I ran out of time and needed to get the plants out.


I was able to finish this in an afternoon, and get my sun-starved plants into their temporary new home. Later, they will go to the hugelkutur beds, where they will live out the summer and grow lots of amazing veggies!

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We did something similar to our very unusable back patio … built a frame and covered it on both sides with cheap plastic sheets. Worked like a treat. Your wee seedlings are going to love their new home, and hopefully, soon, it will start to warm up properly.


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