Compost Tea


Compost tea is a simple way to make your own rich, all organic fertilizer for all of your garden. Here is how I make mine:

I started with a bucket full of compost. I filled the bucket to the top with water. If I happen to have some dirty dish water, I will add this to the mix. Just to get some tiny particles in the water to get things going.

Now you just need to let your tea steep. I put a lid on the bucket and left it in a warm place. About a week should get you some good tea, but longer is fine, maybe even better.

Once the tea is ready, you will need to strain out the compost pieces. I like to use my compost tea a little at a time, so I scoop out bucket fulls and pour them through a kitchen strainer. It doesn’t have to be perfectly strained. After I use what I want, I add more water and sometimes compost to the mix so that I always have this laying around.

You can use the finished tea as fertilizer on any of your plants. It should be mixed with water so that it is not too rich for the plants, but I have used it full strength without any issues.

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