Dutch Oven Sweet Potato Soup



Sweet Potato Soup

Thursday Food Day!

I happened to hear this recipe on the television as I was passing by at work, so I don’t have a recipe.  I listened what little I could, and then tried to remember when I got home.  It was delicious either way!

You will need:

2 sweet potatoes

4 cloves of garlic

1 large onion

water or stock


1 pound ground meat of your choice

1/2 cup hummus


Step 1: Put chopped sweet potatoes into some stock or water in your dutch oven on top of the hot wood stove.  Take the dutch oven lid and sautee the onion and as much chopped garlic as you like.  I use the lid of the dutch oven so that I don’t have extra mess to clean.  It works well.

Step 2: Once the onions and garlic are soft, add them to the sweet potatoes along with some salt.  Let this cook until the sweet potatoes are soft enough to mash.  I couldn’t find my masher and ended up using a slotted spoon.  It worked just fine.

Step 3: While you are mashing, put the lid of the dutch oven back onto the heat and cook up some meat if you like.  I had hamburger so that is what I used.  Ground pork or sausage would be amazing.

Step 4:  Once the meat is cooked and the sweet potatoes are mashed, mix it all up in the dutch oven.  Add hummus.  I used about a half cup.  Mix it all up and leave it on the heat long enough to cook it down to the consistency you want.



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