Campfire French Toast Casserole


Thursday is food day! Happy Thanksgiving!

We don’t have an oven, so I haven’t really been able to bake many casseroles.  Or bake at all for that matter.  So we have been experiencing ways to bake on the stove top.  We can make sourdough biscuits by simply flipping the biscuits over since they aren’t getting heat from all around like they would in an oven.  Biscuits are simple to flip over and cook the other side.  How do you flip a whole casserole though?

Here’s what we tried:

Mix a dozen eggs with about a teaspoon of vanilla and about a tablespoon of cinnamon.

We added torn up sourdough biscuits, but any bread would work.  Add enough bread pieces so most of the egg is absorbed.

Give the bread time to soak up the eggs, I only waited about 10 minutes.  Add the mix to a very well greased, hot cast iron skillet, righton the woodstove or open fire.  Make sure your skillet has a well greased lid to match.  I took the lid off my dutch oven.

Put the hot lid over the casserole and cook over a low flame until the edges of the egg start to brown.

I took a spatula and went around the edges to make sure the casserole was not stuck anywhere.  Put on two of your fire/leather gloves.  Pick up the pan and the lid, all as one unit and flip it over so the casserole is now upside down, cooking in the lid.

Take a look at this beautiful upside down casserole:

I let it cook for about another ten minutes and the decided to flip it back over so it would be easier to serve.  I stuck a knife in, just to check if it was done.

We pour on some maple syrup and this was perfect. The four of us polished this off in one sitting.

We also had some left over canned cherries:

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