Happy Spring


Spring is finally here! Here in Maine the temperatures are into the forties and we are shedding our winter coats. The snow is slowly starting to melt and so our road is turning to mud. The sap is running in the Sugar Maples and the 26th is Maine Maple Sunday. The local sap houses host pancake breakfasts and bring the most amazing maple goodies you can imagine, and syrup, of course. We are starting to plan for our projects for the year and order our seeds and plants. We can let the wood stove burn out during the day and open the windows to get some much needed fresh air. We have gone through 3 cord of wood this year in our tiny house and are chopping up scraps on the land for the rest of our firewood needs. Spring cleaning (I hesitate to include this because I dislike it so much). Spring equinox is also the time of year when the daylight hours and nighttime hours are equal. The days will continue to get longer until the summer solstice.

In our home, we celebrate the first day of spring very similar to an Easter celebration. The bunny usually brings buckets of spring goodies including new galoshes, bubbles, fruity snacks, shovels, kick balls, kites, and anything else that the kids may “need” for spring. We choose to celebrate the coming of spring because the change in season means so much to us. Spring is the starting of a new growing season, the start to the projects the snow has held off, the plants and animals are starting to come back, and we can start being outside in the sunshine and fresh air more every day. The longer we live off the grid out in the woods, the more the weather and the different seasons affects us. It only seems fitting that we eat good food and get out the spring gear on the first day of spring.

I would love to show you a beautiful spring picture, but I live in Maine and it’s still very snowy. Nothing is all that “springy” quite yet. But I will share a few of my favorite pictures from this winter.

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