Outdoor Building

Storage Tent Collapse

It has been a long, busy winter so far. The solar power has not been enough to really use my computer at home with all the dreary and snowy days. It has been increasingly difficult to get to town to use the internet at the library to post even comment …


Breaking Canning Jars

When I took the lid off the pressure canner after the pressure dropped, one of the jars was leaning to the side and there appeared to be beef broth in the once clean canning water. I took all the good jars out and this is what I found. The bottom …

Food Preservation

Make Your Own Sauerkraut

This is our first (successful) batch of home made sauerkraut.  We may have had a giant failure the first time around, but we’ll talk about that later.  More importantly, this batch was a huge success.  It actually is very easy, as long as you pay attention to it while it …

Food Preservation

Storing Potatoes the Wrong Way

I thought that by leaving my potatoes in my dark, cool basement would do well with them.  Apparently not.  I’m not entirely sure what the problem is, but these things seem to have grown all winter.  I tend to think that the issue in my basement was that it got …


No Dig Potatoes

I have been growing potatoes for a few years now.  Digging trenches every year is rather tiring so I had taken an interest in the “no dig” potato method.  All you had to do was to lay cardboard down on your beds and lay the seed potatoes out on top …