Dutch Oven Sweet Potato Soup

  Thursday Food Day! I happened to hear this recipe on the television as I was passing by at work, so I don’t have a recipe.  I listened what little I could, and then tried to remember when I got home.  It was delicious either way! You will need: 2 …

Tiny House

Tiny House Interior: Kid’s Room

Building the kid’s room was a lot of fun.  I involved them in the process as much as I could so that they would enjoy it too.  I always try to include the kids, so that they are learning skills even if they don’t know it.  Working on a building …


French Fried Potatoes on Cast Iron

Thursday is food day! Once we moved off the grid, we no longer had the stove top and had to learn how to cook on the wood stove or on an open fire. We had to start with very simple foods and once we got comfortable, we were able to …

Tiny House

Tiny House Interior: Shelving

This is the moment I have been waiting for for a long, long time! Of course, it’s mostly my fault that it has taken so long to get this project going. The very first, permanent storage area in the tiny house, over a year after we moved in. The only …

Tiny House

Tiny House Interior: Walls

We have finally got around to doing some of the interior work in the tiny house. We lived in the house for about a year without doing much about shelves and cabinets and it is about time we fix that. We are not generally well organized neat freaks anyway, but …


Happy Spring

Spring is finally here! Here in Maine the temperatures are into the forties and we are shedding our winter coats. The snow is slowly starting to melt and so our road is turning to mud. The sap is running in the Sugar Maples and the 26th is Maine Maple Sunday. …


Tips for Buying Garden Seed

Happy St. Patrick’s day from the Houligan Homestead! Share This:

Outdoor Building

Storage Tent Collapse

It has been a long, busy winter so far. The solar power has not been enough to really use my computer at home with all the dreary and snowy days. It has been increasingly difficult to get to town to use the internet at the library to post even comment …


Building Giant Hugel Beds

One of the projects I am the most excited about is my giant hugelkulturs. This is also one of the projects that will take the longest to complete, if it is ever complete. I want to build a hugelkultur bed all the way around my lot. Almost like a fence, …


Sourdough Biscuits Made in Cast Iron

I was really excited about making sourdough bread after I successfully brought a sourdough starter to life.  It sat in the sunny window and then warmed by the fire.  It was bubbling away and I was smelling it a couple times a day to see what was happening.  Once it …