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Stop and Look:Butterfly

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Mosquito Repellent Plants

Mosquitoes are the first thing to ruin a nice, peaceful evening of relaxing and watching the sun set. Sure, there are other annoying bugs, but the mosquitos are, in my opinion, the very worst of all. Buzzing in your ears then dodging your strike and sucking your blood covering you …


Knotweed Jam

We have decided to start delving into some wild foraging.  If you know what you are looking for, places like where I live surround you with free food.  We don’t know all of the foods around us yet, but one that is particularly easy to find is Japanese Knotweed.  There …

Just Chat and Pictures
Off Grid Utilities

Hauling Water

All winter long we have had to buy water. We have not yet put in a cistern and it is too cold to put your hand into the stream to fill jugs. It is still pretty cold and there is no way to get the car down to the stream …


DIY Tire Planters

There are many herbs that can grow out of control if you let them. A little bit of containment goes a long way for your frustrations if you want to grow these herbs. Things like mints and lemon balm are very useful herbs to have growing for many reasons, but …

Just Chat and Pictures

The Rain

Our first year here, we had spent two months in a 10×10 nylon tent. The sleeping arrangements were just sufficient and the tent was always damp inside. There was even that delightful morning that we all woke up in a puddle. The location of the tent on the property was …

Just Chat and Pictures

Stop and Look: Ferns

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Just Chat and Pictures

Questions Anyone?

If you were going to read a book about a family moving from the middle of town to an off grid home out in the woods, what would you hope to read about?  If you could ask anything at all about the experience, what would you ask? Yes, I have …


Planting Potatoes

If you take a look around, there are more than enough ways to plant potatoes the “easy” way. Perhaps this is because of how much of a pain it is to grow potatoes the traditional way. Dig a trench. Put the potato pieces in the trench. Bury the potatoes with …