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Happy Winter Solstice!

Hope you all have a very happy Solstice!  This is our very interesting tree that we had to put up this year.  I actually love it though.  We cut branches off trees rather than killing a whole tree and hung them on the wall.  The kids made all the ornaments, …

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Why Don’t You Do Something Easier?

More often than not, people ask me why we aren’t doing something easier. “Why don’t you build a modular home?” “Why don’t you buy a house and just plant a garden?” “Do you even know what you are doing?” Why does everything always need to be easy? Why can’t I …

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Treking the Land

Today we took a hike. The perimeter of the lot is about 2200 feet around with absolutely no clearing. We put the little ones in their hiking backpacks and headed out. The goal was to locate all the pins so that we knew exactly where our property started and ended …

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Mud Season

While mud season doesn’t seem like all that much fun to some of us, the little ones are loving it! They did come prepared with their fancy new galoshes, so it was no big deal. In case you don’t know, New England has this special time of year between winter …

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We’re here!

  We arrived here today at the cabin we are renting for a little bit.  We have no place even cleared on the lot, so we had to stay off the site.  Either way, we are here and ready to get going.  I am a little nervous about the snow, …

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About two weeks away from our vacation.  The best vacation we will ever have, I’m sure.  We are heading to the site of our future home to get to know the place.  We are going to look at places to live while we build, get our driveway marked out and …

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Leibster Blog Award/ My 100th Post!

I thought it fitting that my nomination for my first blog award also be my 100th post, so here it is. I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the author of The Wild Garden Burbstead.  Thank you very much, Gina and be sure to check out her blog. …

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Where Are We Headed?

During a lesson in permaculture, one of the instructor did a talk about where is our society headed.  I’m not sure why, but it really caught my attention.  He drew a graph showing four directions society might go in the future.  The idea was that society is headed on a …


First plants of 2013

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Just Chat and Pictures

Garden in a Blizzard

Just wanted to share with everyone what Charlotte left in my garden.   Hopefully it will all melt soon and the garden will be green again. Share This: