Stumps and Rocks


The first area that I will be adding will be the water room. It is currently loaded with stumps and rocks. The rain barrels will be set up here, and so the sink will be nearby, and the next room over will be the bathroom. They need to be close for water access and for grey water drainage. There will eventually be a green house area that the grey water will run through and keep watered.

This stump is in the middle of the first area to be cleared. The rocks are under it, tangled in it’s roots.

We got a few more rocks to add to the walls while getting this stump out. The kids collected the well composted “stump dirt” and added it to their gardens.

I placed a few rocks near the stump to show how deep I needed to get in the area.

With the stump out of the way, I can start stacking rocks for the corner post and mark out more of the floor.

The huge rocks that will become posts here at the corner of the house, were under the stump.

A few years later, we got a bigger shovel…

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