Getting to Digging


The ground is just thawed and dry enough to get in some digging on the sunnier days. I have a lot of digging ahead of me, and I have to take all the time I can get.

An addition will be put on the house, including an up grade to the outdoor kitchen, and a bigger rainwater system.

This is the area behind the house where the South side of the addition will be. The rain barrels will be set up closer to the outdoor kitchen, and uphill as far as possible to use gravity feed for the water system.

I started digging out the part of the foundation at the lowest point of the hill. I need to dig down enough to flatten the whole area and then more for the foundation. I hope that the rainwater flowing down the hill helps to wash out some of the dirt and make digging easier.

All the rocks get lined up to the left. They will be used for gravel and the stone foundation. The entire bottom of the dug area you can see is large stone. Hopefully a good fit for the foundation once they are dug out.

Another look at the huge amount of available stone.

The top of the hill will be where we set up shop. I’m clearing away the rooty soil to get to the useable clay below. Rocks are sorted for the various uses to the right and the clay sifter is in the middle. Lots of processing to be done. Luckily boys like playing in dirt.

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