Sand Filter Diy

Filtering water is obviously very important. We started out with a Berkey water filter, as it was the best one we could find. Six years later, we still use it, but want to make the routinea little smoother. Let’s setup a sand filter.

The water that goes into this filter has to be clear or the filters clog faster. A t-shirt stretched over a bucket as a pre filter only works so well. The water for dishes and showers also has to be filtered so it’s not full of leaves, this water doesn’t go through the drinking water filter.

We decided to build a sand filter. This type of filter can be used for drinking water if you use charcoal and fill the bucket up more than I did. We just need clear water, no charcoal and it’s a quick setup.

Super easy: Get a 5 gallon bucket with a spigot. Fill the bottom with larger gravel. Then add some smaller rocks.

Then add the sand. This bucket is only about half full, but it is not meant for drinking water.

I added a couple big flat rocks on top because pouring water into the sand filter was stirring it up too much.

Then I poured in the first round of water. You will have to put a few rounds of water through before the water runs clear. I used dirty rocks that I found in the mud, so it took me quite a few rounds of water before it was clear. I did this on a rainy day.

I didn’t get a final picture of the setup because it started snow/raining. I will get one soon…

For more information check these links:

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