Strawberry Knotweed Shortcake


Thursday Food Day!

We went back to CT to visit with some family this past week.  At one point we were outside checking out the yard of the new house ans talking about cleaning up the yard.  I noticed that there was Japanese Knotweed in quite a few places.  “I can’t get rid of this stuff!”  “That’s ok, I’ll make dessert.  It tastes just like rhubarb.”



So I set out into the yard to collect all the knotweed I could find.  It is best to harvest when they are young and tender.  If you wait too long, they get sringy and you can peel off the outer skin.  Right now, in CT, they are delicious.  In a few more weeks, they will be perfect in ME and I will make knotweed jam to store for the winter.  But for dessert tonight, we will have strawberry knotweed shortcake.

Once you have gathered and rinsed all the knotweed you can find, remove the leaves and chop up the stalks.  Throw them in a pan with strawberries and honey.  You can use as much or little honey as you like.  Sugar works too, I just prefer honey. I simmered the mixture on medium heat for about 20 minutes or until everything cooks down and is soft. You can eat it as is or smother some to angel food cake with the knoweed sauce and some whipped cream.

Knotweed can also be prepared similar to asparagus.  Both ways are delicious.

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