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We have finally got around to doing some of the interior work in the tiny house. We lived in the house for about a year without doing much about shelves and cabinets and it is about time we fix that. We are not generally well organized neat freaks anyway, but without a place to put your stuff there is just no way to attempt to keep the place livable. It is very easy to get distracted outside with all of the fun projects there are to do, so you can see why it has taken me so long, but enough is enough. It is winter and there aren’t really any exciting winter projects for me outside, so I have to keep entertained inside. So I took to building the tiny house interior.

Links to the start and finish of the tiny house build:



I have a couple disclaimers to add before I start writing these building posts. I am not a professional and I am learning as I go. I am sharing this experience to show that you can learn how to build functional items without being a carpenter. My furniture is not gorgeous, award winning designs, but it all functions in the way we need it to. If it doesn’t, I take it apart and build it again until it does work. I do not have the worlds most expensive tools, but I do have the best of what I can almost afford and I try to take good care of them. We are not putting a lot of money in to building the perfect cabin. I am building functional at the least possible cost. I’m sure you can build nicer or cheaper or anything like that, but that is not the point.

The point of building a cheap house off the grid is to gain skills and to not spend money. Every cheap, ugly, functional project completed is a new skill acquired. Even the projects that went so horribly wrong that they were abandoned and never looked at again were useful in their own, special way. Every skill that you can acquire is one less service you have to pay for. Think how much money you save by just painting your own house. Think how much less you need to work when you don’t have to pay a mortgage because you built your own out of solid materials that were a little cheaper because they were ugly…..

The first step to building the interior is the walls of course. We did at least put in the insulation right away. And made protective walls out of cardboard boxes. Now, I am finally hanging walls, real walls. I hate sheet rock and particle board, so we ended up using thin plywood. Then we tacked it to the wall and painted it. They actually came out pretty nicely. The kids could not wait until I painted them before they began decorating, but they were nice for about a day. Wait until you see what happens when you try to paint over washable markers….

The next project I will be posting will be the first storage space in the tiny house, shelves!
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I’ve loved perusing through your blog. You are gaining so many skills, not the least of which is communication. The journey you are sharing is priceless. Does solar provide all your power? How do you access the internet? Are you protected from hacking? Are you still working at a hospital?
I’m full of questions.
Give the kids a big hug from Great Aunt and Great Uncle.

We have just enough solar to keep our phones charged and the lights on at night. I have data on my cell phone that often allows for internet or I have to go to the library. I am currently working at a nursing home. Better schedule and things that I couldn’t get at the hospital. Ask as many questions as you like! I love that.
Miss you you lots! Hugs and kisses. Take care of yourselves.

The walls look great! we need to do a loft above our garage for Lily (maybe !) and this looks like a great idea for us! I did not want to do sheetrock either, it’s heavy and needs to be mudded, ugh work and money! Thank you for sharing …..

They were super easy.The only issue is making the seams look good. I may just use a piece of molding over the seam and paint it.


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