Questions Anyone?

If you were going to read a book about a family moving from the middle of town to an off grid home out in the woods, what would you hope to read about?  If you could ask anything at all about the experience, what would you ask?

Yes, I have started writing and would love to hear what aspects of our adventure might be interesting to others.

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Hi, long time lurker. Not sure what the grand vision is so perhaps some questions are obvious.

There are a few things I’ve always considered htat i would miss the accessibility. So, questions about things you miss, and whether you miss them, and if not why not or how have your habits changed around that.

– going to the doctor / pharmacy / hospital
– airports, travelling, holidays
– visiting friends! much harder to just ‘pop over’
– where do you source your food from? do you have different ‘zones’ for your food sources?
– have your transportation habits changed? how have you accounted for this in terms of sustainability?
– how much of your planning was prioritised around food production vs. shelter vs. water vs. convenience etc.
– comments around just being too darn busy all the time — maybe this is more a question about the reality vs. the romantic ideal we wish it was
– how much could you learn from neighbours (if there are any) and how did you go about this

Good luck with the writing!

It’s interesting to hear about the day to day activities…I would also like to know about the longer range plans and goals (I’m not asking this as your mother, just and interested reader) 🙂

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