Choosing a New Home Site

There is a path that will take you from the road on one end of the lot to the road on the other end of the lot. The logger had cleared this path to carry the trees out of the woods, and left quite a bit of tree scraps along the way. I have gone out behind the cabin and started trying to make nice piles of all the rotten pieces and small branches. These will eventually become garden beds that will make a beautiful path down to our final home.

We are living in the tiny house just long enough to build the house that we really want to be in. I have a tentative five year plan in my head. I will call 2016 year one. That being said, we want to take as much time as we need to build this house so that it can be exactly what we want it to be. We will build the whole house ourselves, maybe calling on some friends to raise the roof when we finally reach that part. We will also need plenty of time to scavenge for building supplies, I want this house to cost us almost nothing beyond the time we put into it.

Take a walk down the path behind the cabin. On you right hand side you will pass by a large swampy area with a small stream that drains through it. The tiny stream eventually flows to a small spot where we will soon be able to use it for water collection. It is perfect for baths and dishwater. It would be fine for drinking water as well, but we froze our water filter. Right in the middle of the path there is a small pool that has formed at the edge of the swampy area. The pool is full of frog eggs and tadpoles beginning to emerge. Behind this pool is a small, woody hill. Carved into the side of the hill is the perfect spot for our future home.

This house will fit into the hill as though it were meant to be there. The way we will design the house, the intention is that it is meant to fit perfectly into this spot. The idea is to work with the land and have the house fit into it so naturally, that you almost can’t see it.housesite

The slope of the hill will hug the backside of the house, adding warmth to the cold winter nights. The front of the house will face south to allow for my greenhouse that will wrap around the front of the house and maybe the side. There will be a beautiful doorway out to the swampy area which will be transformed to a duck pond, hopefully with minimal amendment. It will be like a secret garden, a very peaceful and beautiful place.

It will be built using cordwood and beams cut from our land. There will be beautiful archways made of uniquely twisting branches that we gather on walks down to the stream. The flat rocks that are covering the entire lot will be gathered to make flooring for the greenhouse and kitchen. The secret garden will be closed in by willows that will be planted, starting this year, in an intricate crisscrossed pattern that will grow in fuller each year and provide weaving materials. Blue glass bottles that our friends have collected for us will be fashioned into stained glass windows and let in enough light that we will never need to turn a lamp on during the day. However, I have already started looking at antique lamps and other fixtures to put in the house to give a warm feeling all around.

After two years of wandering the land, we have finally picked the perfect spot for us to be. I can walk down the oath and just look at the area and imagine the house, it appears right in front of my eyes. I hope to head down soon and put a bench in so that I can sit and stare, and draw pictures of what I want the house to become. However, I am told that I could find a tree stump to sit on just fine. Maybe I’ll stack a few rocks up nicely while I am attempting to make a rock bridge. It is awfully muddy right now and so it is difficult to cross to the spot where the house will be.

It is an amazing feeling to know that we wandered around enough to find the spot for the house and hear that spot call out to you. We had both looked at spots a couple times, but when we looked at this spot, it was just it. No question. We are already working on a new path to the spot that doesn’t trek through the mud and interfere with my tiny stream.

Speaking of the tiny stream, I’ll share the water collection spring with you coming soon…prespring

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