2016 Goals

This next year will be my year. This year we had to get established and the man pretty much was “in charge” of what needed to get done and when. I didn’t get to do much landscaping and planting or even cooking for that matter (we ate a lot of simple boring meals). I have a whole goals list for myself as far as the planting is concerned. But the man still has a project goals list of things we need to get done that are much more boring than my planting plans. They are still important so I’ll share the list. I actually put things in order of importance this year so we could be a little more organized. I plan to hang the list so that we can stay on track.

  1. Chop wood. This is our number one project for a good reason. Having wood that is not properly seasoned is a huge pain. I’m hoping this gets well under way long before spring even gets here. The man plans on cutting through the winer, which is supposed to be the best time to cut anyways.
  2. Cistern. We really need to spend less time going down to the stream to collect water in gallon jugs. This is annoying when it is cold out and you have to get your hands wet. It will eventually be to collect rainwater, but in the interest of saving time early on, we will get some sort of a pump system to fill the cistern from the stream or from one of the many springs we have on the land. We have yet to decide how we are going to set the cistern up so that it won’t freeze in the winter, but we’ll get there.
  3. Root cellar. With all the planting I am going to be doing, we need a place to store all the food. We have a tiny house with almost no storage space, so we will have to build ourselves a root cellar. Again, no specific plans as to what we are doing, but we have the winter for planning specifics. I also welcome any ideas people may have or advice on how they built their own root cellar.
  4. Outhouse. We need to build a new one. Ours has blown away. This may not ever get done because we do have an indoor bathroom, but it would be really nice to not have to go inside every time we have to go. Saves on emptying the composting toilet too.DSC_0303
  5. Outdoor kitchen. Our cooking space this year has been rather annoying really. It worked and we were fed, but we can do better. I have already started constructing a rock wall with raised beds to go around the new cooking area. I have big plans for that garden. It should end up being a nice place to cook by the time we finish.
  6. Roof. Our roof will have to be unfinished for the winter. We have been assured that the covering we have on the roof will be fine for this year, but we need to cover it asap. This will also allow us to maybe collect the rainwater off the roof.DSC_0305
  7. Wood storage. We plan to build a covered area off the side of the house to keep all of our firewood for the year.
  8. Siding. The house currently just has that paper webbing on it to protect the wood. Again, good for this year, but should be taken care of asap. I hope to get an alaskan mill and make out own boards. Maybe we can scavenge some old cedar posts or something like that from Uncle Henry’s.
  9. Tool shed. We have outgrown our current tools shed. It has also taken a bit of a beating from us going in and out of it. We need something a little more solid.DSC_0294
  10. Playground. The kids are outgrowing their little play area. They need a bigger place to play and don’t really need to be fenced in as much as they have in the past. There are tons of options for natural playgrounds and I hope we have the time to build one for our kids.
  11. Observatory. I have mentioned the plans for this before. I doubt we will have the time to finish this, but I hope to be able to at least start it. We are thinking about building it with earth bags, so it shouldn’t even cost us too much.
  12. Bug hotel. I had started this project last winter and never really go to put it together. It will likely not happen too early in the year, if at all, but I would really like to try.
  13. Outdoor shower. I really loved having the shower outside. I plan to try again with something more solid. I want to build something similar to cordwood, except with beer bottles. I have been saving the bottles in hopes of a good project, this may be it. Cordwood houses often use bottles as windows, I’m hoping to build the whole shower this way. The bottles are dark enough that you won’t be able to see through them, so it may just be perfect.DSC_0300
  14. The last goal we have is to clean up the mess left by having the lot logged. The “mess” is actually providing me with tons of materials for many different projects and even some firewood.DSC_0289 DSC_0291 DSC_0290 DSC_0295 DSC_0296

It is a hefty project list, especially for a secondary project list, but that is it. As always, I know that we can’t get everything done, but I hope to get most of it done. We will see!

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