Tiny House Platform


Here is the platform build for the tiny house. My job during the build is to watch the kids, so forgive my lack of details. They started out by laying the beams on the cement blocks. Lots of measuring to be sure everything was square.




The beams don’t span the length of the cabin, so they clamped and then fastened them together.





They used temporary posts and stacked them until everything was flat. Lots of checking with a level and lots of measuring to make sure nothing was moving.





Once everything was flat, they put the joists in. Then they went around and made sure everything was flat and square again.





The smaller pieces of wood are attached at the bottom of the joists to hold up the insulation.





The posts are still the temporaries because it is better to put the final posts in place when there is more weight on them. I assume this helps ensure that it is flat when it’s done.





The insulation going into place. There is enough room between the insulation and where the floor will be for piping and maybe someday wiring.





More insulation.






DSC_0421The floor boards start going in to place. More leveling and squaring.








The final floor boards in place.






The walls have been started here and then they finally put the final posts in place.

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Hi there, looking good. I found the link to your site over in your cordwood post on permies. I know this is an old post but could you tell me what size your tiny is? Length of walls, height?
My partner and I and our two kids are embarking on just this journey quite soon, also in Maine. So you are quite the inspiration.
Kind thanks, Marika

It is about 12′ x 24′ if I remember correctly.
The first floor is 8′ and the loft at peak is 6-7′.
I will soon to being doing some renovations, so I’ll know exactly. We have 1 loft that we sleep in and another storage loft. The renovations will make the loft a room that the kids can use. Now that they are 7+8, this house is getting cramped. If your kids collect as much stuff as mine do, you start running out of room. We have been in it for 5 years now though. It was a mansion after the wall tent we lived in haha.
An important thing we found to have in a wood heated tiny house is that the outdoor cook area is so necessary. Our first outdoor kitchen was just a small covered area for cooking, but we are now adding an attached outdoor kitchen because it helps so much. We planned to be in the cordwood house by now or I would have done this sooner.


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