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This lovely spot is where we plan on setting up our wall tent to be able to camp out whenever we can. Due to some circumstances we couldn’t have seen coming, we are going to have to move to town until we are better set up. We won’t be able to spend this winter on site, but we should be able to come out and enjoy the snow on my days off. I’m not totally sad that we will be able to get a decent shower and sleeping area set up while we are in town, but it wasn’t really what we had in mind. We knew it was possible that we would have to do things this way, but we didn’t think it would be because of some nosy neighbors. I guess one more year not living off the land will be ok. We are still headed in the right direction. Come spring we will hit the ground running and really get this place looking like a homestead. In the mean time we have plenty of work to do. Once the loggers come through and take out the huge trees that are too much for us to handle anyways, we will have some cash to get some jobs done. I can also set up next years garden bed and hopefully even a covered outdoor kitchen. We can get a nice outhouse set up and a heated shower with an enclosure to keep bugs out. I also plan to set up a pig roasting pit for a “house warming” picnic in the fall. Hopefully the family and some friends can come out and see what we are up to. Maybe ease some nerves of theirs. They tend to be lovingly skeptical about some of our plans. I guess that isn’t really a bad thing, but I’d like to show them all how great our “different” lifestyle will be.

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