Our First Nights Here


Our experience so far has been nothing short of interesting. The first night here, we didn’t sleep because we couldn’t find the air mattress pump that plugged into the car.  We had bought a new one,  but it didn’t have any adaptors to plug into our mattress. We slept on blankets on the ground. Luckily, the kids had their beds, so they slept great.

The first morning we woke up to rain that wasn’t supposed to come for at least another day. There were no tarps set up yet, so we set up the tent city in the rain.  The two little children just wanted to play outside, but couldn’t in the cold rain.  Another tent had to be set up because we weren’t comfortable with the kids sleeping in the canvas one pole tent we had shared with them the night before. We loved the tent, but the kids couldn’t keep there hands off of the one pole that held the tent up.

The next morning we woke up in big puddles. “The rain got me,” the little girl told me. We hadn’t set up the tarps well enough to keep all the rain out, so she had unfortunately woke up in a puddle.  The rest of us were mostly dry, but the beds were soaked. I popped the air mattress trying to set it up in the rain and had to head to town for about the 100th time to get supplies we didn’t plan on needing. Last night, we finally had a good night and the rain has stopped.

Tomorrow I go in for a job interview that looks like it could be a great job. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Having a job will make our lives so much easier right now. The only other thing we are waiting for is the wall tent to arrive on site so we can build that and get out of this tiny, leaky tent.  We have had a trying experience so far, but it will all be worth it.

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