Canning Beef Broth


I’m still working on getting everything canned before the big move to the homestead. Today’s project: Canning beef broth, which the Man made for me the other day. We have an excess of soup bones in the freezer and will no longer a freezer once we get to the new homestead so it had to be done. This vat of broth in the picture was full before I started my meat canning project. It really is wonderful stuff, I’ll share more later.

This is my first time doing this, so here is the website I got my information from: Recipes We Love. It was actually a really simple project. I sterilized my jars and heated my lids just like I had done before and just like you should do whenever you can (as far as I have seen so far). At the same time, I heated up the broth so that it was a similar temperature as the jars to prevent breakage. Then I filled the jars using a funnel. Once they were all full, I wiped them down, put the warm lids on, screwed on the rings and put them into the pressure canner with the water to the fill line. I processed them at 10lbs for 25 minutes. These were quart jars, but pints only need 20 minutes. After the pressure dropped to 0, I opened it up and pulled them out. No broken jars today! They all popped almost right away. Done!

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