Canning Stew Beef


I have been packing up the house to move to the new homestead and I decided I should tackle the freezer today. A lot of the food looked awful and was full of frost. I don’t generally have good luck with freezing for any long periods of time. I also won’t have a freezer or even electricity at the new place, so I am going to try out canning.  We recently bought 50lbs of meat and stocked up our freezer, thinking we would eat it all before we moved. Not even close. I have heard that meat is one of the easiest things to can. Here we go.

This is my first try at this, so here is the main website I got my information from: Canning Granny. First, the Man made me some delicious beef broth, I will post about this later. I cut up a ton of stew beef into about 1/2 – 1″ cubes. While I was cutting, my quart jars were in some boiling water to sterilize them. I also put the jar lids in warm water to soak. While the jars were still hot, I added the raw beef chunks and then filled them up with the beef broth. I filled them to just under where the threads begin. Take a butter knife or something similar and gently work the bubbles out.

Once full, clean the jars with a wet rag. I only had a ladle to use, so I spilled some on the jars. They do make these nifty little canning funnels, but I have yet to buy one. Put the jar lids on and then hand tighten the rings onto the jars. Put the jars into the pressure canner that is full only to the fill line. My canner is marked for pint jars and quart jars so you know exactly how much water to use. The recipe I followed said to use 15lbs of pressure for 90 minutes for quart jars.

After the 90 minutes, I let the pressure drop to 0 before opening the lid. Use jar lifting tongs to pull the jars out of the still hot water. Set the jars on the counter to cool and listen for the pops!

That’s it. According to the recipe I followed, this will stay good for 2-5 years.

I just want to add it: I am not an expert and this is my first time trying this recipe. I may have left something out, so I suggest checking the link I listed and make sure to do it right. I always check multiple recipes for this sort of thing anyways just in case. It is always possible someone posted directions that are very wrong or missing steps that could cause bad things to happen. Be sure and be safe. PS: I had a little accident with this canning episode (no injuries) because I think these jars are too full. I’ll post about this soon.

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