Why Don’t You Do Something Easier?

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More often than not, people ask me why we aren’t doing something easier. “Why don’t you build a modular home?” “Why don’t you buy a house and just plant a garden?” “Do you even know what you are doing?” Why does everything always need to be easy? Why can’t I take 5 years or more to build a house and have it be the home of my dreams that I built myself. What is so wrong with having built something that is less than perfect, but knowing I did it and having pride in that?

The reason we are doing things the hard way is to get away from the standard path set in society today. There is no reason for us to work for many years to get a mortgage on a cookie cutter house just to spend the rest of our lives paying off the mortgage. People in general don’t believe it can be done.

Well, we are among those who believe it can be done. I want my children to know that they can live a happy life without being in debt. How happy can you really be when you spend your life working a 9-5 for someone who doesn’t care about you at all? They care about their money and you are used to get them rich.

I don’t want to be a slave. I want to do for myself and my family and others like us. I want full responsibility of my life and every aspect of it possible. Doing things the “easy” way puts you in debt and continues the circle of reliance. Why can’t I just rely on me and mine and have them rely on me? I want to go back to living in a small society where I know all my neighbors and we help each other and not in a society where I work for someone who doesn’t even know me, much less care about me.

And no, I don’t have any experience. I’m sure it would be easier if I did, but not yet having experience is not going to scare us away from doing. We will gain experience as we take our time and do things step by step and make LOTS of mistakes.

That is ok though. I will continue to work while we set up and slowly work less and less. We will have an apartment in town near my job at least the first year or so while we get established. Maine winters are cold and we have two small children. Keeping them safe and warm is always number one, and like I said, we have no experience yet. Once we are comfortable with our experience level and the safety of the kids, we will move to the land full time and I will quit my job.

If you really think about it, what we are doing isn’t all that hard. We always have backup plans and a safety net to fall back on. We really aren’t taking that many risks. All we are doing is changing our lives enough to get away from the norm. So we really aren’t doing things the hard way. We are doing things the way we like to think of as the smart way. Sure it’s different, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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