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Today we took a hike. The perimeter of the lot is about 2200 feet around with absolutely no clearing. We put the little ones in their hiking backpacks and headed out. The goal was to locate all the pins so that we knew exactly where our property started and ended so that we could lay out a better plan.

However, the pins played quite the disappearing act on us. We wandered around pretty well for the first half of the trip, but then couldn’t find the markings by the end. We realized we were way off when we came upon the neighbors cabin. So we changed direction with screaming children on our backs and hiked the toughest part of the hike the rest of the way to the road. It was so thick that there was just no place to walk. We were tired and it was lunch time. We never did find the last pin. I had to call the realtor to come meet me tomorrow to see if we could find it.

Hopefully we can find it between asking him, and maybe the neighbors. I haven’t met them yet, so I don’t even know if they live here or are seasonal neighbors. Either way, I got a bunch of pictures and I think I have a half way decent idea where the trees, driveway, and maybe even the house will go. I have learned my lesson though, and assume that this will all change. But for now, I have a better idea than I did yesterday.

Even after all the aggravation of the lost pins and the kids not exactly enjoying the whole trip, it was an amazing hike. We don’t get to be out in nature nearly enough at home for lots of reasons. Getting out today reminded us (as if we had forgotten) why we are doing what we are doing. Being outside and hearing nothing but the outside noises is exactly what we needed. It takes away the stress of our everyday lives and brings us back to feeling really good. Sure we are tired and will sleep well tonight, but it is a good tired. It is not a stressed, headache, backache tired. I have been saying from the beginning, “How can you maintain any level of stress when you live in a place like this?”

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I am surprised that you found any pins! Good work. Being out in nature is the BEST remedy for stress (even with the screaming kids)

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Just Chat and Pictures
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