The Importance of Observation

DSC_0003I was so very happy with my whole layout.  It was perfect.  I had not seen the property more than a couple of times at this point, so I knew that some things might need to be altered a little bit when I matched the plan to the land.  However, I did not anticipate that I would have to scrap the entire project and start from scratch.  Where I had put the driveway was the steepest part of the  land.  Where I want to plant the orchard in 4 days is far back and NOT POSSIBLE to get the new tress to without a major clearing.  There also seems to be a few micro rivers flowing through all over the place this time of year.  I can not possibly make this clear enough: the experts who say you need to spend a year observing the land are right.  I should completely stop everything right now on my lot but I have already bought the fruit trees.  I do really want them in the ground ASAP, so I’m going to have to hope that I don’t have to move them later.  I spent hours on the layout I did and now I have wasted all that time because I didn’t listen to the first principle.  More time in observation could have prevented this.

And now I have to rush through a new one.  Tomorrow we will spend as much of the day as we can walking the land.  I doubt this will be very long as we have the 2 little ones with us.  I will bring the camera and the GPS so that I can collect as many details about the land as I can.  I will mark a spot on my tracker and label it as “possible house” or something like that.  I will take pictures of that spot and match the numbers with the tracker.  This way I can compare side by side.  When we get back to the camp for nap time, I will go through the pics and look at the map from the GPS and start making out a new layout.

I still really need much more time to observe, but I only have a couple days to get the trees in the ground.  It shouldn’t be too hard to pick a spot as I am VERY limited by distance from the road.  Imagine hiking 600 feet over rough terrain with a tree on your back.  If I can decide roughly where I want my house, then I can start to figure out the driveway and then plant the trees around where the driveway will be.  Plus there are power lines at the road, so the land will remain as is so we don’t have to cut trees near the lines.

Learn from my mistake.  Spend the time observing before you make big plans.  However, if you had said that same thing to me, I still would have done all the work I did.  I actually was told, many times.  It is good practice!



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sounds like you have little springs there, a good thing when you learn to work around them. they can be great for tree growth from what i understand. you are right that is something to research!
i am right now watching one of those Alaska shows where they just put running water in their cabin. something us city dwellers take for granted!

I do have some willows along the stream that I’m hopung will propagate. I cut twigs off the willow I have and stuck them in the mud. Perfect spot. One already survived a whole year.


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