Seed Shopping

The first seed catalogue of the year showed up today.  Always an exciting time for me.  I spend way too much time reading through the books trying to decide what I want to plant and which variety of everything.  A little of everything is pretty much what I decide on.  Always more than I will ever find the time to plant and take care of.  Well I have a new strategy this year.  I will plant only five kinds of vegetables in my garden.  I’m not counting my perennial garden, orchard, flower garden or herb garden by the way.  Although I will likely start small with those as well.  With only five kinds of plants in the garden, I will be more able to focus on learning about the five and not get overwhelmed.  I won’t have a lot of time for gardening really this year anyway.  There will be tons of work on the new lot and all.  I also won’t have much cleared land in the spring when I will need to plant.  But limiting myself to only five is a tough choice to make.  I decided to go with storage quality, ease of growing, least attention needed, what I grow fairly well now, and I let the man pick one.  I will be growing kale, winter squash/pumpkins/gourds (I had to sneak extra in somehow), cabbage, beans, and corn.  I will likely change my mind, but for now this is my simple list.  Hopefully this will prove to be a strategy and I can add a few each year.  Maybe even be an expert at a few!

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