The Biggest Expense Monthly: Meat

The most expensive monthly bill we have is the rent/mortgage.  We haven’t wiped that out yet, but we have the plan in action.  Come summer, we should be totally rent free.  No reason to wait to cut down on the next biggest expense: groceries.  This can be broken down into parts itself, so the first thing I want to work on is meat.  We try to buy meat that is local, grass fed, hormone free and antibiotic free.  This is not cheap at all.  However, the cheap way to get meat that is still healthy is to raise it yourself.  Living in town where I am now, there isn’t much option for raising meat though.  I toyed with the idea of raising rabbits, but that would be a lot to set up just to move it in a few months.

DSC_0167The next best option is to find a local grower that raises grass fed beef with no hormones or antibiotics.  A grower that also offers a bulk option.  I got lucky and happened to walk into work one day and see a sign offering just the thing.  The husband of one of my coworkers raises beef cattle with a bulk buying option.  I got 50 pounds brought right to me at work.  It doesn’t always work out to be this easy, but I’ll take it when I can.  After we filled our freezer with delicious steaks, and ate one of them of course, we crunched some numbers.  Our grocery bill went from $220 to about $160 without beef.  That’s around $60 a week.  $240 a month.  That really is huge.  All you need is a big freezer and a local beef farm.  We’re going to have to find another local farm that does chicken and pork too.  This really is a great way to cut your grocery bill down.  And it’s easy enough for anyone to try.  If you don’t have a huge freezer, then just split the meat with someone else.  Happy eating!


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