“The Dirty Life”

"The Dirty Life"

Here is another book I read this weekend, actually I finally finished the last chapter this weekend.  It’s a woman’s story of leaving her life behind and becoming a farmer.  I really should be spending my “free” time reading and learning rather then reading stories, but this was a great read for me.  It helps to hear about people turning their lives upside down and succeeding.  All the hardships they endure along the way are a kind of preparation for the things that will inevitably go wrong for us.  How going back to the land is really hard work, but she stayed there for the love of it.  And all about the love of her husband, of course.  It makes me feel good to know that we are not the only “crazy” ones out there.  It seems as though everyone they knew looked at them the way everyone we know looks at us.  The look of “what are you thinking?”  I have come to embrace that look these days.  I just know we will be very happy in life, just like the family in this story, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

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Funny that I saw this on here… I just read this book earlier this summer in May. I had found it as I browsed through my local library. It is definitely a good read! And I would recommend it to anyone!

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