A New Home


And this is it. The piece of land we picked to build our future home.  In my opinion is it perfectly beautiful and perfectly suited to meet all of our needs.  We have finished negotiations with the seller and now just need to finalize.  Next step:  Decide on which type of house to build.  I think I only had one more type of house I wanted to share my research on.  The house that is my favorite: The underground house.  This lot seems to be especially well suited to the underground house because of the hilly nature.  There are a couple smaller cliff sides that we could easily nestle a house into rather than having to dig a big hole to bury the house in.  There are quite a few trees on the lot that we could cut down to use in building the house.  I hope to use the “whole tree method” as much as we can.  However, my very favorite aspect of this lot is the stream that runs along the back border.  I have always wanted my own little creek so this is my dream come true!


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Stumps and Rocks

The first area that I will be adding will be the water room. The rain barrels will be set up here, and so the sink will be nearby, and the next room over will be the bathroom. They need to be close for water access and for grey water drainage. …

Getting to Digging

The ground is just thawed and dry enough to get in some digging on the sunnier days. I have a lot of digging ahead of me, and I have to take all the time I can get. An addition will be put on the house, including an up grade to …

Additon Step 2: Make a Flat Spot

This is the second area I am flattening out for the addition. The other side was put up in a hurry, so I forgot to take pictures. Obstacle 1 on this side is the tree stump. Obstacle 2 is the gap alongside the house. I stacked rocks to form a …