Wooden Handled Tool Care

If you have any older wooden tools or have accidentally left new wooden tools outside for too long then you need to know how to revive the handles.  It is a very simple process and it will make your tools last much longer.  First you need to smooth out the wood.  If it is  really bad, then take some sandpaper  to it until it is pretty smooth.  If it isn’t too bad, then steel wool should do the trick.  Once it is smooth, apply 3 coats of teak oil or whichever type of oil it is that you want to use.  I like teak oil because it is

durable and environmentally friendly.  Between the coats of oil, go over the handle with the steel wool again.  That’s it, good as new.  Ideally you want to go through this process every spring when you first take your tools out for the year.  It doesn’t hurt to apply an additional coat of oil every month or so.  This should keep those handles in great shape for many years to come.

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