No Dig Potatoes

I have been growing potatoes for a few years now.  Digging trenches every year is rather tiring so I had taken an interest in the “no dig” potato method.  All you had to do was to lay cardboard down on your beds and lay the seed potatoes out on top of that.  Add some various nutrients and cover the plants with straw as they grow.  Awesome!!


So I gave it a shot.  The picture is what my potatoes looked like about halfway through the season.  Big and healthy.   Very exciting!!  Then it came time to “not dig” the potatoes.  I simply pushed the straw away to gather up my huge crop of delicious potatoes and found that my crop  was no where DSC_141to be found.  The majority of potatoes that I did actually find were the size of grapes.  I hadn’t dug too early either, the plants were already browned.  Then I found a few large potatoes.  They had been tunneled out by mice and bugs and were all rotten.  Basically I had zero potatoes for the year.  Nothing at all.  I usually have great luck growing potatoes and I got nothing.  Back to digging I guess.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.  I’m off to go dig my trenches!

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Try tomato cages. You might want to use hardware cloth because the holes are too small for the little buggers to get through. Oh, and I would put a bottom on it too. Good luck next time!


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