Food Forest

7. Design from Pattern to Details

Permaculture principle number 7 is design from patterns to details.  A huge part of permaculture is following the patterns of nature.  Nature does things in a way that runs smoothly and efficiently.  It does not produce unusable waste or take in excess, usually.  Following the patterns of nature should help …

Food Forest

4. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback

The fourth principle of permaculture is to apply self regulation and accept feedback.  Self regulation is about mimicing the systems of nature to form your own living systems.  Natural systems take what they need to grow and reproduce and not more.  These systems can adapt to change, which is accepting …

Off Grid Utilities

Simple Rainwater Collection Setup

We have been hauling water from the stream much of the time we have been living here.  Over the winter, the plan had been to melt snow on the constant burning wood stove.  We thought winter would be much easier for water collection.  This plan was baffled twice.  First, we …


Lay of the Land

We talked about how to set up your land according to permaculture zones a little while ago.  But how do you go about setting up your zones?  They will pretty much set up themselves if you take a good look at your land and all the outside factors that affect …


“The Dirty Life”

Here is another book I read this weekend, actually I finally finished the last chapter this weekend.  It’s a woman’s story of leaving her life behind and becoming a farmer.  I really should be spending my “free” time reading and learning rather then reading stories, but this was a great …

Planning and Goals

“The Owner-Built Homestead”

I just finished reading this book by Ken Kern.  I found this book when it was mentioned in another book by the same author that I had started reading.  It was a book about owner-built homes.  This is what we plan on doing, but I think I may have been …