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Check out the house plans here.

Here is the list of all the aspects of the house I plan to do posts on.  As I do the posts, the list will turn into a list of links to all the posts I do.  There will also be slide show links at the bottom.

Preparing bottle bricks (stained glass windows)

Gathering and decorating floor tiles

Clearing the land

Squaring the foundation

Building the clay sifter

Digging the foundation- This is where the project goes awry.  We have massive boulders that are just not allowing for a foundation to be a real thing right now.

Cordwood Build: Take 2

Change in plans- The mini cordwood house has become an addition.  For now, the addition will be a cob/can wall all seasons room-made for free.  Next year, the addition will get better!

Move annoying boulder

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