Roundwood A-frame Arbor

This post is in responce to an earlier post.  There are links and other information here. This was not one of my better projects.  It’s not terribly sturdy and I will have to bring in reinforcements.  But here is what I did so you can get a not-so-great idea and …

Open Discussion Projects

Open Discussion Project: Round Wood Arbor

Happy May Day!  Have a good spin around the May pole and dance around the beautiful bon fire!  Now back to work. Thanks for all the great ideas that you posted when I introduced the open discussion project idea.  I will use this as an idea bank in the future, …

Open Discussion Projects

Open Discussion Projects

I am going to try something different.  I am hoping to get some conversations started where people can share their ideas, information, and projects.  I plan to pick one project every month or so that I want your input on. On the first of the month, I will post a …