Bee Deterrent and Flattening the Building Site

This is part of our building site. I doubt you can clearly see, but there are bees living there. They cannot be there, but the bees have enough problems as it is. I don’t want to kill the bees and I don’t want to use harsh chemicals. We don’t want …


Camp Site

This lovely spot is where we plan on setting up our wall tent to be able to camp out whenever we can. Due to some circumstances we couldn’t have seen coming, we are going to have to move to town until we are better set up. We won’t be able …


Our First Nights Here

Our experience so far has been nothing short of interesting. The first night here, we didn’t sleep because we couldn’t find the air mattress pump that plugged into the car.  We had bought a new one,  but it didn’t have any adaptors to plug into our mattress. We slept on …

Just Chat and Pictures

Treking the Land

Today we took a hike. The perimeter of the lot is about 2200 feet around with absolutely no clearing. We put the little ones in their hiking backpacks and headed out. The goal was to locate all the pins so that we knew exactly where our property started and ended …

Just Chat and Pictures

Mud Season

While mud season doesn’t seem like all that much fun to some of us, the little ones are loving it! They did come prepared with their fancy new galoshes, so it was no big deal. In case you don’t know, New England has this special time of year between winter …


The Importance of Observation

I was so very happy with my whole layout.  It was perfect.  I had not seen the property more than a couple of times at this point, so I knew that some things might need to be altered a little bit when I matched the plan to the land.  However, …


Project Brief

The final project is due in my permaculture design class.  I know this is a long post, but I wanted to share my final project and what I would be doing for the next 5+ years.  Here is my project and future homestead:   The homestead section of the lot …



Sectors of the landscape tie in to “the lay of the land” post I did before I started watching the videos for the PDC.  This is just another way to look at your property to help you decide how to set it up.  A sector map will layout for you …


Lay of the Land

We talked about how to set up your land according to permaculture zones a little while ago.  But how do you go about setting up your zones?  They will pretty much set up themselves if you take a good look at your land and all the outside factors that affect …


The Closing

It’s official!  We closed on the property today.  We are the very happy owners of almost 8 acres out in the woods of Maine.  We have a stream that borders the lot where we can hopefully catch some trout.  We have a pretty hilly landscape to build our underground house …