Tiny House Interior: Shelving

This is the moment I have been waiting for for a long, long time! Of course, it’s mostly my fault that it has taken so long to get this project going. The very first, permanent storage area in the tiny house, over a year after we moved in. The only …


Tiny House Interior: Walls

We have finally got around to doing some of the interior work in the tiny house. We lived in the house for about a year without doing much about shelves and cabinets and it is about time we fix that. We are not generally well organized neat freaks anyway, but …


Kitchen Shelves

There are a few reasons why we have not done any finish work on the interior of the cabin yet. We ran out of money, we couldn’t get building supplies to the cabin over the winter, we were tired of working, and we didn’t really mind how the interior was …


Starting the Tiny House Interior

  We actually got the insulation part of this post done a long time ago.  I have not had a chance to do any posting lately because I have been too lazy to go to town and use the internet.  I have pretty much refused to leave my cozy cabin …


Tiny House Platform

Here is the platform build for the tiny house. My job during the build is to watch the kids, so forgive my lack of details. They started out by laying the beams on the cement blocks. Lots of measuring to be sure everything was square.       The beams …


Post and Beam Foundation

We decided to go with a tiny house and use a post and beam foundation. Again, our whole lot is ledge so we really can’t dig a foundation of any kind. We really don’t need to. The ledge provides a solid base to build the house on. Frost heaves are …


More Windows and a Door

Spent 238.00 on two bigger windows and a door.   Share This:


Bee Deterrent and Flattening the Building Site

This is part of our building site. I doubt you can clearly see, but there are bees living there. They cannot be there, but the bees have enough problems as it is. I don’t want to kill the bees and I don’t want to use harsh chemicals. We don’t want …


Project Brief

The final project is due in my permaculture design class.  I know this is a long post, but I wanted to share my final project and what I would be doing for the next 5+ years.  Here is my project and future homestead:   The homestead section of the lot …


Earthbag Houses

In all the time I have been researching what kind of house to build, I had never once even considered building an earthbag house.  I have no idea why I kept looking past them, but I  finally have started to consider them.  First, the man suggested we build a smaller …