Just Chat and Pictures

Leibster Blog Award/ My 100th Post!

I thought it fitting that my nomination for my first blog award also be my 100th post, so here it is. I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the author of The Wild Garden Burbstead.  Thank you very much, Gina and be sure to check out her blog. …


Earthbag Houses

In all the time I have been researching what kind of house to build, I had never once even considered building an earthbag house.  I have no idea why I kept looking past them, but I  finally have started to consider them.  First, the man suggested we build a smaller …

Food Forest

Permaculture Principles Deck

Just a short little post to share this with you.  Here is a link to get a permaculture principles deck.  Aren’t they nice?  It is 101 cards plus another 36 of an add on deck full of information for you to remember when you are designing.  You can buy the …

Just Chat and Pictures

Where Are We Headed?

During a lesson in permaculture, one of the instructor did a talk about where is our society headed.  I’m not sure why, but it really caught my attention.  He drew a graph showing four directions society might go in the future.  The idea was that society is headed on a …

Planning and Goals

2014: A Big Year

I have never had so much to accomplish in a single year as we have to do this year.  This is the year that we begin our life on a homestead.  Something that I have been waiting for very impatiently for a long time.  My head spins just thinking about …

Decorative Stuff

DIY Birdfeeder Ornaments

We made these ornaments to decorate our tree, outside still growing in our yard.  This was the first time we had done this sort of thing, so we are still working on the outdoor decorations.  I am tired of wasting $50 every year to buy a tree that will be …

Off Grid Utilities

Terra Cotta Pot Heater

The house I am currently living in is rather expensive to keep warm enough for my taste so I have been looking for other ways to help warm the house a little cheaper.  I came across this terra cotta pot heater and figured I would give it a try.  It …

Homemade Products

DIY Sugar Handscrub

While there is less outside work to do over the winter, I will be working on my homemade products list.  Right now, I am working on filling the bathroom with lots of goodies, all homemade, using as many of the essential oils we have made as possible.  I would like …


Lay of the Land

We talked about how to set up your land according to permaculture zones a little while ago.  But how do you go about setting up your zones?  They will pretty much set up themselves if you take a good look at your land and all the outside factors that affect …


Seed Shopping

The first seed catalogue of the year showed up today.  Always an exciting time for me.  I spend way too much time reading through the books trying to decide what I want to plant and which variety of everything.  A little of everything is pretty much what I decide on. …