More Windows and a Door

Spent 238.00 on two bigger windows and a door.   Share This:


Bee Deterrent and Flattening the Building Site

This is part of our building site. I doubt you can clearly see, but there are bees living there. They cannot be there, but the bees have enough problems as it is. I don’t want to kill the bees and I don’t want to use harsh chemicals. We don’t want …


Item of the Day: Coffee Percolator

A long time ago we would go to go get coffee every morning at the chain coffee place in town. Then we decided that we needed to save some money and started making our own at home in the electric coffee pot. Now we don’t even have electricity. What to …


Camp Site

This lovely spot is where we plan on setting up our wall tent to be able to camp out whenever we can. Due to some circumstances we couldn’t have seen coming, we are going to have to move to town until we are better set up. We won’t be able …


Hugelkultur Squash Beds

Even though it is too late to really get a garden going, I figured I would at least plant some squash beds.  I’m putting them among the trees in my orchard, so it is relatively shady right now, but hopefully one we clear a little more, the sun will kick …


Our First Nights Here

Our experience so far has been nothing short of interesting. The first night here, we didn’t sleep because we couldn’t find the air mattress pump that plugged into the car.  We had bought a new one,  but it didn’t have any adaptors to plug into our mattress. We slept on …


Canning Beef Broth

I’m still working on getting everything canned before the big move to the homestead. Today’s project: Canning beef broth, which the Man made for me the other day. We have an excess of soup bones in the freezer and will no longer a freezer once we get to the new …


Breaking Canning Jars

When I took the lid off the pressure canner after the pressure dropped, one of the jars was leaning to the side and there appeared to be beef broth in the once clean canning water. I took all the good jars out and this is what I found. The bottom …


Canning Stew Beef

I have been packing up the house to move to the new homestead and I decided I should tackle the freezer today. A lot of the food looked awful and was full of frost. I don’t generally have good luck with freezing for any long periods of time. I also …

Just Chat and Pictures

Why Don’t You Do Something Easier?

More often than not, people ask me why we aren’t doing something easier. “Why don’t you build a modular home?” “Why don’t you buy a house and just plant a garden?” “Do you even know what you are doing?” Why does everything always need to be easy? Why can’t I …