Off Grid Date Night

Living off grid, way out in the woods, there aren’t many people around to babysit. Especially since we are fairly new to the area. We rarely are alone without children, there is never quiet around our house. It is not like we are suffering by not being able to get …


Dutch Oven Chicken Soup

I know I haven’t posted much lately, but I have been working on it.  I am learning some new tools to help me be a better blogger and to make my writing more interesting.  I have plenty of posts coming up in the near future as there is a lot …

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Happy Spring Equinox!

  I know that I am a few days late, but happy spring.  I have been working too many hours lately and so I haven’t had time to do much blogging.  Spring this year feels incredible to me.  We had a warm spell about a week ago, and on top …

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Making Changes

Permaculture is a great system.  The solutions it has come up with are fantastic.   However, I feel like I am restricting myself by labeling my homestead as “permaculture.”  I use many permaculture concepts, but also plenty of things that are not permaculture.   So I am changing the name of the …

Off Grid Utilities

Off Grid Winter Bathing

Without running water, baths are a little more of a project.  Not really all that bad though, now that we have got the hang of it.  You just have to start collecting the day before. Yes.  We are melting snow to take baths and showers.  As long as we get …

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Passive Cooling, a Root Cellar Ice House

One of the issues we have here on the homestead is keeping food cold.  We have a cooler that goes through tons of ice all summer.   Then during the winter the food freezes.  We plan to put in a root cellar this year for sure, but what if we could …

Decorative Stuff

What Happens When You Run Out of Money?

After working so hard all summer and into the fall, we hit winter and started loosing motivation and we ran out of money.  It has worked out just fine though.  We have kept busy with daily chores and a lot of relaxing.  No complaints at all.  I’m getting to the …

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What Maine Winter?

Winter here has been unseasonably warm.  You would think that this would be a good thing, and it has been for the most part.  We haven’t needed much wood for heat because it has been warm.  We barely have any snow on the ground, it’s going to melt faster and …


Off Grid Supply Hauling

The tractor got stuck at the bottom of the hill because we didn’t get chains for the tires.  We have to walk all of our supplies from the road up the the cabin.  It’s a decent hike and it is not fun to carry a heavy load back and fourth.  …

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Seed Swap News

Just wanted to let the seed swap participants know that they have all arrived!  I will be shuffling and sending them out soon!  Thanks everyone who swapped. Share This: