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We have been having far more rainy days than I expected so far this year.  We have been playing lots of games and building inside, but the kids also love to do worksheets.  I was hoping to find some for summer that they could work on inside, and then be able to bring outside on a nice day and compare with the outside world.

What better for children to look at then bugs!  Bugs are a big hit at our place.  They want to know what they all are, which ones bite, and which ones are ok to (gently) hold.  While you need a bug guide for all those questions, here are some worksheets and projects to get the basics down:

The Happy Housewife: Bug Worksheets

-2nd grade level

Homeschoolden: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

-age 3-5

All Kids Network: Bug Worksheets

-various ages, younger kids

Super Teacher Worksheets: Insect Worksheets

-worksheets, activities, and PDF reading pages

Mama’s Happy Hive: Kid Friendly Insect Activities

-worksheets and activities

Have Fun Teaching: Insect Worksheets

Fun with a Message: Bug Hunt

Gift of Curiosity: Insect Printables Pack

-younger kids

If you have any more like these that you would like to share, please leave a comment letting us know where to go to find some good stuff.  Thanks and enjoy.

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